Holly + Andrew | Gainesville, Florida

My.Goodness. After 25+ weddings this summer (and I still have more to go), I am in a whirlwind! I love the summer though and my weddings this year have just made it all the more sweet. When wedding season ends in about a month, I'll finally be able to catch my breath and start sharing these incredible weddings! Yipppee! Until then, be on the lookout for sneak peeks!

• • • •

Speaking of weddings and marriage, what better way to celebrate your marriage than with some beautiful portraits together? Too often, couples neglect to document the in-between years; instead they capture only the highlights - their wedding, maybe a family reunion, and hopefully their 50th anniversary. But what about the in-between? Those years are just as important to document, remember, and cherish! Those are the years of figuring it out and growing together and making some tough family decisions. Those are the years where sometimes love might be the only thing that makes the ends meet and at the same time, those years might be flooded with new possibilities coming from every direction!

If you're not from Florida, its heat + humidity can be a little oppressive. Thankfully, Holly and Andrew were game for an early morning session to beat the Florida heat (though we couldn't quite escape the humidity)! This anniversary session was so sweet and with such stunning subjects, it was easy to create some beautiful, timeless portraits for them. Beautiful location. Beautiful people. Beautiful marriage.

Holly + Andrew, happy anniversary and may God bless y'all abundantly in the future with the desires of your hearts. Andrew, thank you for staying as long as you could and for serving Holly in this way. Thank y'all for letting me capture a little of the "in-between." Blessings and love, friends.

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Tom + Rochelle | Lifestyle

Wonderful, caring, genuine and a pleasure to be around are just a few words that I would use to describe this couple. They go together so well — like this morning's crisp-clean-smell-of-rain-clinking-on-a-tin-roof kind of well. They are both talented photographers and were gracious enough to let me step into their lives for a few moments for a lifestyle/early anniversary session. We started in their cozy home where Rochelle's heirloom piano begged to be photographed and finished up by wrestling with the hammock. You know how stubborn those hammocks can be. A trip to one of their favorite lakes nearby, Lake Calhoun, was a perfect close to their session. This session captured many of their favorites: their home where they are comfortable and have fun together, their possessions they hold dear, and one of their favorite local spots to enjoy the outdoors!

Tom + Rochelle, thank you for letting me capture the in-between. More on that later, but just know how special y'all are to me.        I feel so lucky to call y'all friends. Happy anniversary y'all! Here's to many more! 

Susanna | Fairfax, Virginia

The beauty of spring in Virginia is something everyone should experience. The green grass, cherry trees blossoming and fresh spring air were a welcome delight after such a long winter. What was even better was getting to spend a little time behind the camera, photographing, and breathing in the sweet aroma of the fragrant trees. A few laughs into it and we were both rolling and having a good time. The joy and happiness captured below is far more beautiful than an east coast spring though. Here, see for yourself.

Susanna, you are beautiful and were so much fun to photograph! I loved being able to have a good time with you and share in the happiness that radiates from your genuine smile. Thank you for inviting me to Virginia, showing me the sights and thank you for your friendship. Here's to you, beautiful friend.


Birthday Beautiful

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Virginia to shoot some beautiful portraits. The weather was lovely and the cherry trees were blossoming in full force! More to come of the pretty you see here, but it's this lovely lady's birthday today, so I thought I'd share a sneak peek!

Happy Birthday Susanna Hope!

I am so grateful for our friendship. May God bless you in all your pursuits; may your cup runneth over.

Elyse | Winter Portraits

Let me tell you about this lovely lady. She gives real hugs. I am talking about the genuine, good, hug-you-like-a-teddy-bear, with both arms, longer-than-one-second hugs. They are pretty awesome, as is she. And bonus; did you know that hugging someone for 20 seconds or longer boosts your "happy hormone" levels?! Although it was bitterly cold outside, about -7° to be exact with the windchill factor (crazy, I know), this girl was such a trooper. She was willing to tromp around in the snow and even take her gloves off! Through chattering teeth and sitting on our hands to warm them up, we still had fun and caught some snowflakes in the process.

Elyse , you are such a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for sharing your genuine personality and for being brave and kind. I hope you enjoy these winter portraits.