Elyse | Winter Portraits

Let me tell you about this lovely lady. She gives real hugs. I am talking about the genuine, good, hug-you-like-a-teddy-bear, with both arms, longer-than-one-second hugs. They are pretty awesome, as is she. And bonus; did you know that hugging someone for 20 seconds or longer boosts your "happy hormone" levels?! Although it was bitterly cold outside, about -7° to be exact with the windchill factor (crazy, I know), this girl was such a trooper. She was willing to tromp around in the snow and even take her gloves off! Through chattering teeth and sitting on our hands to warm them up, we still had fun and caught some snowflakes in the process.

Elyse , you are such a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for sharing your genuine personality and for being brave and kind. I hope you enjoy these winter portraits.