The Neals | Family + Lifestyle | Pensacola, Florida

Remember that curly-headed cutie? Well, she's back! Introducing: The Neals. This family + lifestyle session was a hoot! Because of Florida's oppressive heat and humidity, we did this session in sections, which was much more accommodating to this one-of-a-kind family and that special little girl, Kennedy, in the dress. Sterling is my cousin, so for all intents and purposes, I can claim Kennedy as my niece, right? Well, I'm going to regardless because I do not have any brothers or sisters. Oh, and the dresses in this post? They are pretty special too. They are every-stitch-sewn-with-love, home-made that little girl's great-grandmother. Even better, her mother wore them when she was young! YES. If you know anything about me by now, you know I love little unique touches like this that make sessions special and so much more meaningful. I mean, these dresses have stood the test of time, toddler tantrums and so much more (and they will have to withstand some more too, because Kennedy promptly stained one right before we switched outfits!). It was a privilege to photograph Kennedy in the home-made dresses her mother wore as a young child. This little girl has everyone around her little finger, including me, and I'm sure by the end of this post, she'll have you around her little finger too! Enjoy!

Chris, Sterling and Kennedy: Y'all are a beautiful family. Chris and Sterling, I can already see each of you in Kennedy in the way she laughs, her mannerisms and in how she is always on the go, exploring the great unknown. Your family is such a delight to my heart! Thank y'all for letting me capture this precious time in y'all's lives.

I had to get in at least one photo with this little monkey!

I could stare at these baby blues all day long. And yes, that is the real color of her eyes.