It started when I was a little girl.

My love for photography and the story each one tells started when I had “little hands,” that would get me into just about everything, including the photo albums that were just within my reach! With each page I turned, my curiosity grew stronger and the spark that ignited my love for photographs, grew fiercer—all followed of course, by a “Meme, who’s that?” or a “Gaby, can I have this one?” Some of my most prized possessions are my photographs because they are like little treasures that transport me back in time, to a beautiful story. The photographs of my grandparents are heirlooms and just as I treasure those, so I hope you will treasure the heirlooms I create for you.

There’s a reason photographs are so precious to us. They preserve a moment in time, remembering every little detail, long after we may have forgotten the moment. It’s this art form of preservation that I am incredibly humbled by and blessed with. It’s my mission to document your story in such a way that will be time honoring and heirloom-worthy, taking you back in time with each moment captured.

Originally from the south (Texas, y’all!), this heritage of sentimentalism runs deep with memories (and photographs!) of family gatherings, first birthdays, first puppies, and that time I got into mother’s lipstick and thought the mirror needed a little “touchup.” It’s these memories that are precious to us and that are all a part of our story. As a fine art photographer, I capture love stories of all kinds and from all authors—couples, families, grandmas, and friends, among others. Though I specialize in wedding portraiture, I don’t limit my storytelling there. I’m there to serve you throughout each chapter of your life’s story from engagement, to wedding, to anniversary, to firstborn. After all, that’s what historians do. They capture it all!

Although I’m based in southern California, being in the business of capturing heirlooms takes me near and far from Texas to Florida, to Spain and Italy, and back again. I’ve been blessed and privileged to preserve memories as a fine art photographer for and have incredible love stories to share.

I hope you’ll share your story with me! I would be honored to write your history through my photography!

Based in southern California, I take on a limited number of weddings each year in order to devote my heart and soul to them and serve my couples in the best way possible. God blessed me beyond measure with the gift and passion of photography and it is in His name that my business flourishes and glorifies. I truly believe God uses me to bless others through photography!